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Additional uses for doorway pull up bar

Additional things to do with a doorway pull up bar

What can you use your newly purchased doorway pull up bar for? Other than doing pull ups and chin ups, there’s actually other creative applications for the doorway pull up bar. Try out the things listed below, if you have other unique uses for the pull up bar you’re welcomed to comment below!

1. Incline pull ups

Since the height of the pull up bar is adjustable, you can install the bar at waist level for you to do incline pull ups. This is good news for those who cannot do 1 pull up yet as incline pull ups are a lot easier than pull ups yet they work the same muscle groups. Incline pull ups are simply pull ups done at a different angle, though less challenging, they work the chest and triceps better than pull ups or chin ups.


2. Push ups and sit ups

Adjust the bar slightly further downwards and you have a push up bar. If you do not know what are push up bars, they are low bars which allow you to work your chest at a different angle compared to push ups. Grab the bar with palms facing away from you and lower yourself slowly towards the bar.

You can also use the bar at the same height for sit ups, they can effectively help you to max out on your sit ups to work your abs fully. Additionally, they anchor your feet without the help of others.

Stupid things to do with your pull up bar:
There are other things to do with a pull up bar that’s rather brainless, but you might want to try them out just for fun!


3. Clothes hanger

I don’t really know why you need to do this but if you really need a bar to hang your clothes on, you can consider using the bar.

4. Curtain

If you need some privacy but don’t want your door close, you can consider adding a curtain to the bar. This might be useful if you are installing the bar in the kitchen or toilet doorway to prevent any foul smell from spreading. Just make sure that your kitchen doorway is not too wide!


5. No entry

you can prevent others from entering your room by installing the bar at waist height, very useful for doors without a lock!


6. Limbo dance

If your friends are coming over to your house for party and you haven’t thought of any thing fun to do, considering using the bar for a limbo dance challenge! Your friends will be amused at how creative/stupid you are!

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