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Pull up bar and Chin up bar benefits

How can a chin up bar/pull up bar help you? The chin/pull up bar is a very useful tool that everyone should have in their homes since it brings a host of benefits at a very low price. If you are wondering what else can you do […]

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Durable Pull-up Bar

Pull up bar durability review The pull up bar is a simple and easy to use home workout equipment that is increasingly popular among people of all ages. Installation for the pull up bar is quick and easy and no screws or drilling is required to safely […]

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Mental & Physical Benefits of Doing Pull-ups & Chin-ups

Benefits of Doing Pull/Chin-ups — Physical Builds muscle – The pull up is one of the best ways to pack muscle onto your back, shoulders and arms. loan finances Sport strength – Almost all sports require you to do a lot of pulling to play well, pull […]

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Additional uses for doorway pull up bar

Additional things to do with a doorway pull up bar What can you use your newly purchased doorway pull up bar for? Other than doing pull ups and chin ups, there’s actually other creative applications for the doorway pull up bar. Try out the things listed below, […]

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