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Resistance bands or Weights?

Comparison of Resistance Bands and Weights When it comes to strength training, the most popular options would be resistance bands training and weights training, each has their strengths and benefits. Several considerations have to be made before deciding which training is better of you. Below are a […]

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Resistance Bands Results and transformation.

Results From Resistance Bands Training Resistance bands are great for muscle building but exactly how effective are they? Many of our customers who bought the resistance bands from us has seen tremendous improvement in their strength and physique. Below are various success stories of customers who have […]

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Additional tools for Resistance Bands Training at Home

How to do Resistance bands training at Home You can perform resistance exercises in your own home with a few additional tools you can easily find at home. Here are some additional equipment and tools that you can use. Body and Floor You can make use of […]

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Additional Uses for Resistance Bands

Top 5 additional uses for Resistance Bands? There are many useful features of resistance bands that allows it to perform multiple functions other than a dumbbell/barbell replacement. If you’re considering purchasing a set of resistance bands in Singapore but are wondering what else can a resistance bands […]

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Ultimate Gofit Progym Resistance Bands Comparison

Progym Resistance Bands VS Other brands Due to the many benefits of using resistance bands, there has been an increase in the variety of brands of resistance  bands in the market for fitness enthusiasts to choose from. However, not all bands are the same, some brands are […]

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Muscle Building Exercises with Resistance Bands

Home exercises with Resistance bands

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How to do pull-ups with good form

How To Do Pull-ups with Good Form The pull-up and chin-up exercises appear to be movements that anyone can perform with a little effort and minimal instruction, but the truth is that most people are performing them improperly and risking an injury. This is the  tutorial for […]

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What To Do If You Cannot Do 1 Pull-Up

What To Do If You Cannot Do 1 Pull-Up You never want to use those pull up machines that take some of the weight off of you. You want to learn to stabilize your body through space with your own muscles, so you need to do it […]

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Secret techniques behind spamming pull-ups!

Secret Techniques Behind 76 Pull-ups! This article will reveal the secret techniques behind spamming pull-ups, used by those who are very proficient at doing pull-ups. You may have seen, on Youtube, pull-up videos by fitness professionals and athletes. For the majority, 20 pull-ups is already considered an […]

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Secrets to getting Gold for NAPFA

Secrets to getting Gold for NAPFA in Singapore If you do not already know, there are 6 components for NAPFA(National Physical Fitness Award/Assessment) , they are sit-ups, standing broad jumps, sit & reach, pull ups/incline pull ups, shuttle run and 2.4 km run. The reason why these 6 […]

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