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Durable Pull-up Bar

Pull up bar durability review

The pull up bar is a simple and easy to use home workout equipment that is increasingly popular among people of all ages. Installation for the pull up bar is quick and easy and no screws or drilling is required to safely install the pull up bar. However, its simple design makes many doubt its durability as a workout equipment since many durable workout equipment comes with a hefty price tag. Hence, this review of the durability of the pull up bar might be useful for those considering a cheap and effective workout equipment.

Typical lifespan

The pull up bar can last an average of 2 to 3 years with frequent use for most users. Under normal use, you can expect the pull up bar to last for 2 years without any need for replacement. There are many users who still continues to use the chin up bar after 5 to 6 years with minimal signs of wear and tear. Users who do pull-ups on a daily basis in their homes see no signs of compromise on the bar after repeated use after a long period.

Padding on the pull up bar

The foam padding on the pull up bar is an important feature that guarantees the comfort of the user when doing pull ups and chin ups on the bar. The old model of the doorway chin up bar has a thin foam padding that is prone to wear and tear after repeated use. As such, the new model has a thickened foam padding that is more durable and comfortable to use. One downside to its increased thickness is that the padding is difficult to adjust and shift on the bar, as such we recommend the user to use a towel as padding when doing wide grip pull ups.

Additional screws

Even though no screws is required, additional screws is included in the box in case some might need it to reinforce their bar. The screws are meant more for users who are more than 100-120kg as an additional reinforcement to prevent the bar from falling.

Maintenance Tips

There are ways for you to increase the lifespan of your pull up bar and avoid the need for replacement. Firstly, the most effective way is to reduce on uninstalling and reinstalling the pull up bar, if you can leave the bar in your doorway than we recommend you to leave the bar in the doorway. Secondly, adjust the bar to your ideal height and minimise on further tightening the bar once it is secured in place. Lastly, check for the safety of the bar by hanging on the pull up bar before doing any pull ups or chin ups on it.

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