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Below are some of the questions we receive most frequently with regards to the resistance bands in singapore. In addition, you can read about the comparison of our resistance bands with those from other brands and with free weights or view testimonials from satisfired cstomers. You can submit your enquiry and review about the resistance bands here.

Q1. I stay in Singapore, should I buy the resistance bands here or is it cheaper to buy from ?

A: The reason why we sell the gofit resistance bands at is that it is not yet available in singapore, you cannot find the gofit resistance bands in retail stores or in other online stores. currently only ships to canada and united states. Buying from ebay or amazon can be a viable option but if you want to save on the shipping cost and have the delivey time arranged when you’re at home, buying from us is the best choice.

Q2: How is the resistance bands you are selling different from the resistance bands sold elsewhere?

A: The resistance bands that we are selling does not excel in one particular area, instead we feel that it stands out as the most complete set on the market that is reasonably priced and has very good quality. If you do not have any budget constraints. we definitely would recommend you get the best and most professional resistance bands or even weights in the market. However, if you’re unwilling to spend hundreds of $$ on professional equipment and still want a good quality workout tool, we would recommend the gofit resistance bands for you.

Q3: I’m a guy who is quite fit, I’m afraid that the resistance levels of the bands is not enough for me.

A: We have compared the resistance of the bands with weights, we found out that the 5lb resistance bands can be shortened and the resistance can reach the same levels as a 10lb dumbbell. The resistance level stated on the bands is the lowest resistance the band can provide when the maximum length is used. Hence, the max resistance of combining all 3 dumbbells is up to 40-50kg. Most adults only require a maximum of 2 bands for a good workout. Unless you are really really strong, the resistance levels of the resistance bands is definitely enough for you.

Q4: Is there any warranty or money-back guarantee for your product?

A: We do not manufacture the gofit bands ourselves as we are only a retailer, however, there is warranty for the resistance bands even if you are in singapore. There is a slip of paper provided in the resistance bands set that provides the contact details in case there is any defect in the product. You can contact directly and explain your issue. Please note that the warranty is limited and subjected to terms and conditions. However we can assure you that there is a very low chance of you even worrying about warranty as there are 0 cases of customer complains regarding the resistance bands. You can feel the outstanding quality of our resistance bands once you get to try it.

Q5: How do I use the door anchor and ankle strap?

A: If you want detailed instructions on the usage of the accessories, there is a full DVD  provided in the resistance bands set which includes step-by-step instructions on how to use the door anchor and ankle strap. In addition you can refer to the articles: Resistance Bands Training at home , Additional uses of Resistance Bands .

Q6: Do I get a discount if I buy the resistance bands and pull up bar together?

A: Due to the low cost of the bands and bar you do not get a discount if you buy the bands and bar together, however you will get a $5 discount if you refer a friend to purchase our pull up bar, resistance bands or the workout DVDs. You can get up to $20 discount by referring 4 friends to buy our products. However, do note that your friend(s) have to pay the original price for the items.

Q7: Are the resistance bands suitable for women and children?

A: Many of our customers are female as they prefer slim, toned and sexy muscles instead of bug and bulky muscles. Resistance bands are very effective at tightening up your muscles all over your body and avoid the bulk that weight lifting will give you. Hence, women that are athletic or need a simple equipment for exercising or stretching are welcomed to try our resistance bands. Children are also welcomed as the resistance of the bands can be adjusted to provide light resistance for them. Strength training has been proven to increase immunity and boost energy levels.

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