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Workout at home: Doorway Pull Up bar in Singapore (No screws/drill)


Fits All Doors

doorway pull up bar in singapore

The portable doorway pull up bar installs in all singapore doors easily. Doorways of up to 1 metres is suitable for this bar. Installation takes only 5 mins

No Screws/Drill

no screws needed doorway pull up bar

No Screws/drilling is required to fix the bar in the doorway. By using friction against the door frame, the doorway pull up bar can support up to 100 kg.

Extremely Portable

The doorway pull up bar is extremely portable due to its light weight. At only 2kg and 0.5m when shortened, it can be brought along anywhere

Lowest Price

buy cheapest pull up bar in singaporeStart your home workout program with the doorway pull up bar at only $23, compared to other fitness equipment, it definitely is a worthy deal!

Installation Tutorial/Demo for Doorway Pull up Bar

Workout AT HOME with Doorway Pull up bar in Singapore

  • Portable doorway pull up bar suitable for door frames from 62cm-100cm
  • imported from USA, Fits in all Singapore Doors without screws/drill
  • Uses friction to withstand up to 100kg
  • 30% discount, original price is $26
  • Normal doorstep delivery($5, 3-4 days), express doorstep delivery($7, 1 day)
  • To find out order, delivery and payment details, click on the ORDER NOW button


DELUXE Pull-up Bar in Singapore


  • Extra long: 80-130cm, suitable for all doorways and between walls
  • Premium quality contoured rubber foam, 3x more comfortable and firmer grip
  • Stronger metal body, less bending and weight limit = 200kg
  • Reinforced centre, less bending of bar
  • Price = $34
  • Normal doorstep delivery($5, 2-3 days)
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  • Portable doorway pull up bar is made of high-quality stainless steel
  • It can support up to 100kg.
  • It is extremely stable and will not drop if installed correctly
  • Installs securely in your doorway without any screws/drilling
  • As secure as any other pull up bar in the market
  • Perform a variety of exercises including pull ups/chin ups, incline pull ups, leg raises

  • The portable doorway pull up bar has soft Polyurethene padding on the bar provides comfortable grip for your hand while you’re hanging from the bar
  • reduces soreness of palm after your pull up workout to maximise your workout
  • Multiple grip variations for pull ups and chin ups to work different parts of the body

  • Door still closes when bar is installed in doorway
  • The portable doorway pull up bar does not damage the door frame.
  • Does not obstruct movement through doorway
  • Its presence serves as reminder for you to train for pull ups everytime you walk through the door! Through constant training, your pull ups and fitness level will definitely improve
  • Order now for ultra fast delivery!

Comparison of All Pull-up Bars Available on the Market

Pull Up Bar Model


Fits in All Doors?





not all doors, fits in few doorways in singapore

No drilling

height not adjustable

Pull ups

Chin ups

leg raises

vertical hangs

Stud bar



Doesn’t fit in doorways, mount on ceiling

Drilling/screws required

height not adjustable

Pull ups

Chin ups

leg raises

vertical hangs

Iron Gym



not all doors, fits in few doorways in singapore

No drilling

height not adjustable

Pull ups

Chin ups

leg raises

vertical hangs

Weider Club



place on the ground

No drilling

height not adjustable

Pull ups

Chin ups

leg raises

vertical hangs


Portable Doorway bar




Fits in All Singapore doors

No screws/drilling required

height is adjustable

Pull ups

Chin ups

leg raises

vertical hangs

Sit ups

Incline pull ups

push ups

**all prices do not include delivery charge

Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ)

Q: How does the bar manage to support up to 100kg by friction alone?

A: First of all, there’s really a lot of friction as the bar is really tight between the door frames, you have to ensure that it is really tight by twisting in the middle and hearing the bar being compressed, the bar virtually does not bend also as it is made of high-quality steel. Unless you are more than 100kg, you shouldn’t worry about the bar breaking.

Q: How long can the bar last?

A: The portable doorway pull up bar is extremely durable, it typically last for at least a year, depending on how often you use it. For me, the doorway pull up bar remains sturdy even after 2 years.

Q: Is the pull up bar stable? Are there safety precautions I can take when doing pull ups?

A: Again, the pull up bar is very secure if you install it correctly, it can fit tightly between door frames up to 1m apart. If you are afraid of the bar falling, you can place a chair in front of the bar and rest 1 feet on the chair while doing pull ups.

Q: Why are the screws and rubber parts provided with the doorway pull up bar?

A: The screws and rubber parts are simply addtional tools for those whose doorway the pull up bar cannot fit in perfectly and for those who want to be 100% sure that the bar doesn’t fall off, they are definitely optional and I don’t recommend using them as they are not really useful and they require drilling

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Exercises you can do with a doorway pull up bar

1. Pull ups and chin ups

exercise doorway pull up barPull ups and chin ups are compound, pull-type exercises which work many muscles in your back, shoulders, and arms simultaneously. Pull-ups & Chin-ups force you to lift your own body-weight. They are the best strength training exercises you can do for upper-body strength & muscle mass. Unfortunately Pull-ups & Chin-ups are extremely difficult to do and few people do it with good form. Equipment you need include a pull up bar, if you want to do pull ups in the privacy of your own home, you might want to consider being a doorway pull up bar in Singapore here. Additionally, you might need a chair for assisted pull ups.

Pull up vs chin up: Pull-ups—Palms facing away. Less biceps, more back. Harder. Chin-ups—Palms facing you. Work your biceps more. Easier.

2. Leg Raises

exercise doorway pull up barOne of the most effective ab exercises you can do with a doorway pull up bar is leg raises

Instructions: Grasp and hang from a pull up bar with slightly wider-than-shoulder width overhand grip. Raise legs by flexing hips and knees until hips are completely flexed or knees are well above hips. Return until hips and knees are extended downward. Repeat. Leg raises are superb exercises for increasing the strength of your abs and building abdominal muscle. They are performed regularly by athletes to maintain their six-pack!

3. Situps

exercise doorway pull up barExercises you can do with a doorway pull up bar: Remember that the bar is removable and adjustable? By adjusting the bar to a suitable height(15-20cm above ground) you can use it to help you do sit ups without another person to anchor your feet to the ground.

4. Incline pullups

You can also adjust the bar to a slightly higher position in your doorway(waist height). Hang below it. The arms should be straight, the torso and legs stiff and and straight, with only your heels resting on the ground. Pull yourself towards the bar till your chin touches a bar or band below the bar, then lower yourself to the starting position. Inclined pull ups are great for beginners who cannot do pull ups yet, they are also suitable for singaporeans below 16 training for their NAPFA test

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SALE: $18 for Doorway Pull-up Bar (U.P. $23) Get Yours Now