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Ultimate Gofit Progym Resistance Bands Comparison

Progym Resistance Bands VS Other brands

Due to the many benefits of using resistance bands, there has been an increase in the variety of brands of resistance  bands in the market for fitness enthusiasts to choose from. However, not all bands are the same, some brands are better in certain areas compared to the others. Some come in sets while others are sold separately. So how can you choose the resistance bands that best suit your needs? Below are the criteria you should look out for to decide which bands is worth your money.


The first thing that you should look put for when choosing whoch resistance bands to buy would be the quality of the product, specifically, how good the bands are. You should be able to tell from the sides of the band the quality of the band, which includes its snap-ability and durability.

How to test snap-ability of bands?
You can gauge how easily a band will snap with 2 methods. The first method would be pulling the edges of the band and see if theres any sign of the band moving away from the attachment. The second method is simply to press the bands to estimate the thickness of the rubber tubing, generally, the thicker the band, the less likely it will snap.

The quality of the bands should be your utmost concern since there has been many cases of injury cause by broken bands. The gofit resistance bands has been proven to be safer than most bands sold in the market due to 2 reasons: 1) It is made of high-quality latex and 2) it is reinforced with the patented inner cord technology, thus providing you a safe and secure workout!

The durability of the bands is equally important. It is often difficult to tell how durable a band is, however, Gofit resistance bands are know to be more durable than their competitors, with an average lifespan of up to 2 years. This is due to the fact that the Gofit bands are made from liqud latex while most other bands are made from cheaper synthetic, dry or sheet stock alternatives. This explains why Gofit bands have a greater resistance to wear and tear, superior physical properties and a very attractive, smooth, vibrant surface.

Level of Resistance

After you have ensured that the bands are of good quality, the next criterion you should consider would be the resistance levels. Since the your most likely objective for using the bands would be to tone up your muscles/gain strength, it is imperative for the bands to provide ample resistance for muscle breakdown so that you would be able to burn calories and build muscle.

The Gofit resistance bands has 3 different resistance levels: 5,10,15 lbs. You can achieve different resistance levels by using the bands in different combinations. While the resistance levels may sem light to some, the actual resistance can be much higher. By reducing the length of the band which you pull, you can increase resistance up to 2X. As a result, the gofit bands is suitable for individuals of different fitness levels and individuals with different goals

Accessories included

Accessories are items which are included in the set which boosts the functionality of the bands and help the user to perform more exerciese. Most Resistance bands set now include different accessories such as ankle strap, carrying bag, etc. The gofit resistance bands set is one of the most complete set as it comes with 2 handles, 2 ankle strap, 1 door anchor, 1 carrying bag, instructional manual and 1 workout DVD. It contains all that you need for a complete total body workout which includes your legs, arms, shoulders and back. The carrying bag increases the portabiliy of the set so that you can bring it with you anywhere you go.


Unless you aren’t contrained by a budget, you wouldn’t want to leve this factor out. The average price of resistance bands set produce by other brands would be $45-50 excluding international shipping. While you can purchase the gofit bands elsewhere, it would cost you around $50 including international shipping. Of course you can get resistance bands set with more bands at a higher price but if your budget is below $40, the gofit bands at would be your best choice.

Smoothness of resistance

Often, people forget to take into account this factor when assessing the bands. Ideally, the resistance of resistance bands should increase proportionally with the decrease in the length of bands. However, not all bands are as stretchable, some provide high resistance but as you increase the length which you pull, the resistance does not increase proportionally. Since resistance bands do not depend on gravity for resistance, it is important for the bands to be “smooth” when you stretch it so as to provide adequate amount of muscle breakdown.


needless to say, it is important for the bands to be of adequate length so that you can stretch them while standing. The gofit progym bands are carefully designed so that the length is just right for the average adult. The 3 bands are of equal length but the thickness varies to provide the different resistance.


There may be bands which are cheaper than the gofit bands sold here but no set comes close to the quality and completeness of the Gofit progym resistance bands set. If you’re looking for a great gym equipment that is portable and can be used anywhere, look no further.

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