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How to do your First pull up

How to do your First pull up

Do you want to know the secret behind doing your first pull up? Pull ups are a great way to gauge a person’s fitness level. Pull ups and chin ups are compulsory components in fitness examinations all over the world, including the National Physical Fitness Award/Assessment (NAPFA) test in Singapore. In Singapore, the average 15 year old is expected to do 1 pull up in order to pass their NAPFA test and is considered fit if they are able to do 5 or more.

Some Statistics

 How to do your First pull upThe average number of pull-ups a man can do usually depends on his  age. On average, 16 year-olds can typically do 2-7 pull ups while 18 year-olds who can do 8 pull ups are considered “borderline”. The average number of pull-ups a male can do begins to drop at the age of to 50, and is normally associated with a decline in physical activity and an increase in weight.

If you are below 18 and cannot do a pull up or cannot do enough, it is strongly recommended that you start training now as pull ups are a daily routine for National Service(NS), much like eating breakfast!

Before you get discouraged, I would like to reveal to you that it is actually extremely easy to train for pull ups. The reason why some might find it hard is that they can’t do a single one and they do not train often. You just have to remember that once you have accomplished your first pull up, the second and third and fourth would be easier than you think they are.

How long do I need before I can do 1 pull up?

How to do your First pull upI have received a lot of questions regarding the number of weeks you need to train before you can do your first pull up. The answer depends on how far you are from your first pull up. As a rough estimate, you can use assisted pull ups to estimate where you are. If you can do 10-15 assisted pull ups, you shouldn’t be far from your first actual pull up. You can consider the following way of doing assisted pull ups.

Chair technique (anywhere)

  1. Put a chair under your pullup bar that’s tall enough so it puts your eyes at bar level.
  2. Grab the bar with an underhand grip (palms facing you) shoulder width apart
  3. Tense your muscles and step off the chair
  4. Lower yourself as slowly as you can.
  5. Step back up onto the chair and do it again, repeat a total of 8 times

How to do your First pull upIf you cannot already do 10-15 assisted pull ups, you should start doing assisted pull ups and other exercises to prepare your body for your first pull up, these exercises are: cable pulldowns, dumbell rows, incline pull ups or any other back exercises. Find out how to do these exercises, you can check out articles at

Typically, it takes at least 2 months for the transition from assisted to non-assisted pull ups, be patient! Even though you might not be witnessing significant results, your muscles are actually becoming more and more accustomed to these exercises and before you know it, you can start training for your second, third and fourth pull up!

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