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Mental & Physical Benefits of Doing Pull-ups & Chin-ups

Benefits of Doing Pull/Chin-ups — Physical

Builds muscle – The pull up is one of the best ways to pack muscle onto your back, shoulders and arms.

Sport strength – Almost all sports require you to do a lot of pulling to play well, pull ups help in this regard.

Functional Strength – The strength you build with pull ups will carryover to every area of your life and is a type of strength you might have to use one day (hanging off a building, climbing a wall, etc).

Exercise Carryover — Your pressing numbers will go up as you get better at pull ups.

Joint and Muscle Health – Making sure you do as many pull ups as you do presses will ensure you don’t have any muscle imbalances and you’ll stay healthy.

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Benefits of Pull-ups & Chin-ups — Mental

Pull ups and chin ups are very hard to do. But that is also one of the benefits of doing pull-ups You have to tell yourself that you are going to do it no matter how hard it is! Pull ups are a great way to build your “never quit!” attitude.

If you’re a complete newbie at pull-ups, overcoming the mental barrier to start on your first pull-up already require lots of effort. furthermore, you have to do pull-ups everyday in order to see results. therefore, they will instill in you a strong sense of self-discipline and courage. once you’ve reached your desired number of pull-ups, you would have felt as if you’ve conquered mount Everest.

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