The Best Chin/Pull-up Bar in Singapore!

Pull-up Assist Bands

Pull-up Assist Bands

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The only resistance bands set that can be used for pull-up assist. We have one that works perfectly with ANY bar. Simply tie a knot and used the anchor strap provided. Best tool to help you train for pull-ups and maximise your reps!

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Pull-up Assist Bands

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  • Consists of 3 bands, 2 handles, 1 bag, 1 door anchor, 1 anchor strap, waist strap, 1 mini training manual
  • Fully functional as a resistance bands set for resistance training (in fact it was meant for that)
  • Up to 80kg of resistance (3 bands)
  • Double layered, impossible to snap
  • Can be used as pull-up assist bands, works with any bar
  • Accessories can be used for more exercises
  • Only $48 per set. Order Now!

What’s Included


3 bands + 2 handles + 1 bag + 1 door anchor + 1 anchor strap + waist strap + 1 mini training manual

Benefits of Pull-up Assist Bands

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1. Guaranteed to massively increase your pull-ups max-rep:

The pull-up assist bands provides the extra “push” to help you crank out that few more reps. After time you will become stronger.

2. Help you with your first pull-up:

Many of our customers who were unable do a single pull-up had their breakthrough within 1 week after using the pull-up assist bands. The pull-up assist bands helps work specific parts of your back muscles to make them stronger. The best way to train for a pull-up is through doing pull-ups.

3. Compatible with any bar:

As long as you have a bar you can use the pull-up assist bands. Simply loop the bands into a simple knot around the bar and let the other end hang freely. The anchor straps are provided which can be used as foot support.

4. Strength Training:

The resistance bands set itself is perfect for building strength and muscle. Up to 80kg resistance and accessories to help you perform various exercises


Special Offer: $18 for Doorway Pull-up Bar (U.P. $23) Get Yours Now
SALE: $18 for Doorway Pull-up Bar (U.P. $23) Get Yours Now