The Best Chin/Pull-up Bar in Singapore!

Pull up bar and Chin up bar benefits

How can a chin up bar/pull up bar help you?

The chin/pull up bar is a very useful tool that everyone should have in their homes since it brings a host of benefits at a very low price. If you are wondering what else can you do other than chin ups and pull ups on a pull/chin up bar, below are some recommendations. Even for elderly or young kids, the pull up bar and chin up bar can benefit them in numerous ways.

Back stretch

If you are like me, someone who spend hours in front of a computer or desk, you might experience back aches and numbness after a few hours of inactivity in a chair. As such, I need to get up and move around constantly to prevent my back from becoming too stiff. Hanging from a pull up bar and swinging forward and backwards slightly is a great way for a quick relieve from a stiff back and neck. Often, the simple act of hanging for a couple of seconds makes me feel more energised and comfortable. Constant slouching of the back can be harmful to your backbone and might result in permanent back problems which is common in elderly people, hence by stretching your back regularly, you can avoid back problems and improve posture.

Grow taller

It is not a myth that hanging from a bar can help you grow taller, especially for young kids with growing bones. Many young basketball players incorporate hanging from chin up bars daily as part of their training (which explains why they are so tall). The rationale behind this is that by hanging on a bar, you essentially alow gravity to pull your body downwards and thus lengthens your body and makes you taller. For many teenagers, achieving the ideal height is always at the back of their minds and although genetics play a huge part in height, other factors such as exercise and diet can add an inch or two to your body. Those who want even more results can try adding weights to your body (carrying a bag) while hanging on the pull up bar.

Build endurance

While growing taller is not everyone’s pursuit, having more endurance can beenfit everyone. Pull ups and chin ups are very difficult exercises, many people do not have the strength to stay on the bar for minutes. However, by modifying the exercise to make it simpler, e.g modified pull ups and chin ups, you can perform more repetitions and hence help you build muscular endurance. Having more endurance allows you to do more repetitions in other exercises such as push ups and running.

Better physique

Pull ups are definitely one of the best exercises you can do to improve your physique, of you want a wider back, a V-shaped body, huge arms round shoulders, pull ups is the exercises that can help you achieve all of that. However, the difficulty at mastering pull ups is what stops most people from achieving their goals but if you persist, you will get the fruits of your labour.

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