The Best Chin/Pull-up Bar in Singapore!

Push Up Bar in Singapore

Push Up Bars/Stand in Singapore

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High quality

Made of high quality plastic, strong and durable, able to withstand up to 100kg, doesn’t bend under pressure, providing good support for your body


The push up bars can be easily dismantled into smaller parts and kept in a compact box, total weight at only 1 kg, the bars can be brought anywhere.


Handles of the push up bars are covered with soft foam providing friction & comfortable grip, reducing strain on your wrist allowing you to go deeper

Lowest Price

Start maximising your push ups and improve your fitness with a pair of push up bars at only $15/pair, it definitely is the cheapest gym equipment!


Cheapest Gym Equipment in S’pore
                                               At only $15/pair………

Increases depth of push-ups, better chest workout

Comfortable and firm grip

Slip-resistant, provides a safe workout

High quality, durable plastic that lasts

Inclined at an angle, works entire chest muscle

Compact design, easy to dismantle and great portablilty

Greater Range of Motion

The push up bars increases the distance between your chest and the ground, forcing you to go deeper into the push-up. The reason why push-ups works for your chest is beacause the controlled downward motion exerts tension on your chest muscles causing the muscle fibres to tear.

By using a push up bar, you can increase your range of motion and stretch your chest muscles even more, causing more muscle breakdown which will lead to stronger muscles. Push up bars increases the difficulty of every push-up you do but it also increases the effectiveness by up to 3 times!

Comfortable & Firm Neoprene Hand grips

The push up bars are covered with soft, high quality Neoprene hand grips providing comfortable and firm support to your hands during push ups. The soft grip reduces strain on your wrist and provides friction at the same time.

The groves on the hand grips on the push up bar allows a firmer grip which helps in isolating your chest and tricep muscles during the push up. This maximises your workout, allowing you to focus on developing bigger chest and triceps.

Slip resistant base

The base of the push up bars are covered with the same Neoprene cover as the top of the push up bar, the friction between the floor and the non-slip support prevents the bars from slipping & sliding when force is applied, reducing any chances of wrist injury or losing of balance

Inclined at an angle

The surface of the push up bars are inclined at a slight angle to provide comfort to your wrist when performing push ups. Traditional push up bars have a flat surface which forces users to twist their wrist & lean their body forward. In Addition, the inclined surface of the new model helps you work your entire chest muscle whereas the old model only works your upper chest. The inclined surface also allows your head and neck to go lower, increasing the effectiveness of every push up you perform.

Portable and light

The push up bar is made of high quality, light-weight plastic and neoprene that weighs less than 1.5kg in total. The push up bars can be easily dismantled into 6 smaller different parts and kept in a compact box. Pack the push up bars into the box provided and conveniently bring the bring anywhere you go.

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Special Offer: $18 for Doorway Pull-up Bar (U.P. $23) Get Yours Now
SALE: $18 for Doorway Pull-up Bar (U.P. $23) Get Yours Now