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Resistance bands or Weights?

Comparison of Resistance Bands and Weights

When it comes to strength training, the most popular options would be resistance bands training and weights training, each has their strengths and benefits. Several considerations have to be made before deciding which training is better of you. Below are a factors that might affect your decision.

1. Providing Resistance

Strength training primarily focuses on using resistance for muscle building hence the equipment must be effective at providing good quality resistance. Because of the mass of the weights compared to the light and inadequate appearance of the resistance bands, most peopl etend to assume that weights provide better resistance for their muscles. However, experiments and studies have proven that the resistance levels of bands and weights can be the same, in other words, resistance bands can create as much tension in the mucles as weights.

An experiment was carried out on 2 groups of male adults, one group was instructed to perform weight training daily for 1 month while the other was tasked with resistance bands training during the same period. At the end of the one month, researchers have concluded that there is o substantial difference in muscle gains in the 2 groups.

However, resistance bands training cannot provide extremely high levels of resistance compared to weights training. As a result, if you’re a seasoned weight-lifter who is capable of lifting in the range of 50-70kg, then dumbbells and barbells would be a better choice for you compared to resistance bands. For the majority of us, who are at the beginner and the intermediate level, resistance bands serve the same purpose as weights when it comes to providing resistance. Hence, this round would be a draw for the 2 equipment.

2. Ease of use

resistance bands vs weights

Ease of use can be separated into the versatility and comfort during training. Resistance bands are known to be more versatile compared to free weights, comparing one set of resistance bands and one set of weights, you can create many different resistance levels with the resistance bands set compared to the set of dumbbells. In addition, resistance bands at low level resistance can be used for stretching and warming up while weights can’t. Resistance bands set also includes accessories such as the ankle strap and door anchor which allows users to perform more exercises.

However, when it comes to comfort during training, weights gets an upperhand. Due to the nature of the resistance bands, users have to stand/sit/squat in a certain position in order to perform the exercise, sometimes, you might find yourself in an awkward and uncomfortable position when doing resistance bands training. Nevertheless, over time, you will get used to standing in different position and positioning your arms in various ways. Free weights are simple and straight to the point, you can focus on only the part of the body you want to train and avoid any strain to the rest of your body, this can be an advantage if you’re a hardgainer.

3. Cost

There’s a huge difference when comparing the cost of resistance bands and weights. A 30lbs or 15kg resistance badns set cost about $35-$50 in singapore but for the same resistance level, a pair of dumbbells cost $70-$90 in singapore, around twice as expensive as the resistance bands. Furthermore, the 15kg resistance bands set can be modified to increase the resistance levels but to achieve that with dumbbells, the only way is to buy more sets.

The tradeoff is that resistance bands do not last as long as dumbbells. That is not to say that resistance bands are not durable, in fact, there are many good quality resistance bands that can last for very long, especially the gofit resistance bands sold at: . However, a set of dumbbells can last virtually forever, unless you accidentally misplaced it.

If price is a major concern for you then it is recommended that you go with the resistance bands in singapore, if not, you might want to consider getting yourself a set of dumbbells.

4. Portability

It’s pretty obvious which is the better equipment to choose if portability is important to you. The resistance bands set can be carried in a small draw string bag and can be carried along anywhere, this makes it an excellent tool for those who travel overseas frequently. Its light-weight also allows it to be hand-carried to other places if you do not want to workout at home. On the other hand, a set of dumbbells is extremely difficult to carry along due to its mass, which is why shipping cost for dumbbells are so expensive.

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