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Resistance Bands Results and transformation.

Results From Resistance Bands Training

Resistance bands are great for muscle building but exactly how effective are they? Many of our customers who bought the resistance bands from us has seen tremendous improvement in their strength and physique. Below are various success stories of customers who have used the bands for at least 2 months and some of them have implemented the bands into training programs such as P90x and Body Beast. These customers are very pleased with the results they received from their resistance bands training and have submitted a review to us. (you can submit your review here)

1. The perfect equipment for an out-of-shape primary school teacher

Thanks for the resistance bands, I was pretty out-of-shape at the beginning of 2013. I didn’t have enough time to go to the gym regularly and was making excuses for not working out at home. On my birthday on 5th January, I received the resistance bands set from as a gift for my birthday. Initially, I was skeptical and wasn’t expecting much result, I did decide to give it a try though and i was pretty amazed at the results.

I followed the instructions in the free DVD given and workout daily for 20 mins. Within 1 week, i noticed my arms becoming firmer and my triceps has become less flabby. My wife was delighted and asked me to step up my resistance bands training. I agreed and increased my daily workout duration to 40 mins in addition, i tried my best to incorporate the door attachment and ankle strap into my workout.

The exercises i did with the bands include: bicep curls, tricep extensions, crunches, lunges, squats. At the end of 5 weeks, I decided to do a comparison of my body with how i looked like 6 weeks ago.

I am now prgressively increasing the resistance of my bands and i hope that by the end of the 10th week I would be able to use all 3 bands together!

2. Great Gains!

I had been doing strength training with weights for 1 year and I had reached a plateau, no more results seem to be coming no matter how hard I train.

My fitness instructor recommended me to buy the resistance bands in singapore to replace the free weights I has at home. I started training with resistance bands and I overcame my plateau very quickly. I was able to perform all the usual exercises which I had been performing with weights and I even learnt a few additional exercises with the resistance bands accessories through my instructor.

Here are my results:

  • Arms: 2 inches gain
  • Chest: 3 inches gain
  • body fat %: less 2 %

3. Worked very well with P90x

I wanted to do P90x(home workout program) and was searching for equipment online. I found the dumbbells really expensive so I chose to buy the resistance bands from your site. Fortunately, P90x demonstrated how the resistance bands can be used to do the exercises that was traditionally done with weights. Thanks for the resistance bands for making my P90x journey possible 🙂

4. Good Product

Compared with other resistance band products that are in the market, this resistance bands I bought is definitely better in both quality and strength. I’m a reasonably fit guy, and sometimes when I use other bands, I’m scared that some part of the band is going to break if I’m too hard on them. With these bands, I’m sure that I can go as hard as I can, and the integrity of the bands will not be compromised.

The design is overall better. The plastic in the handle is thicker, ensuring that will not break. In addition, the other weak point of the band between the clip and the actual colored band is enforced with a ball-type system, which is also superior to other designs.

If you are planning on using bands for high intensity workouts like P90x, these bands cannot go wrong. Having used other multi-colored bands for sports like wrestling and soccer, I can say that these are the highest quality bands that I’ve used.



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