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Additional tools for Resistance Bands Training at Home

How to do Resistance bands training at Home

You can perform resistance exercises in your own home with a few additional tools you can easily find at home. Here are some additional equipment and tools that you can use.

Body and Floor

You can make use of your own body and your floor to perform various exercises such as bicep curls. tricep extensions, shoulder presses, etc. For these exercises, place the band under your feet and hold the handles with both of your hands. From there you can perform the various arms, shoulder, back, legs workout. It is recommended that you use a soft carpet floor or wear a comfortable shoes as the bands might rub against your feet and cause discomfort.

Note: try to keep your body straight at all times & maintain good form to reduce risk of injury


You can use the door anchor in the resistance bands set to attach the resistance bands to your door and perform a greater variety of exercises. Using the door in your resistance bands training can mimic real life activities and work your muscles from different angles.

First,  Open the door you wish to use for your resistance bands training. Slip the flat plate of the door anchor through the door. holding it flush with the inside of the door jamb. Then, close the door with the anchor strap and pull. The strap plate will stop the strap from slipping through the door as it lies flat against the opposite side of the door. Pull the flat plate to ensure that the strap is secure and wouldn’t slip off. Lastly, detach the bands from the handles and thread one end of the resistance bands into the loop of the flat plate.

From there, you can perform exercises such as chest presses, rows and lunges. To perform lunges, do not attach the handles back to the bands, instead, use the ankle strap to attach the bands to your ankles.

Notes: Ensure that you lock your door as severe injury can be inflicted if the bands shoot towards you when someone opens the door.


With a simple tool such as the chair, you can add a few more shoulder, core, back exercises to your resistance bands training.

1. Torso Twisting

This exercise works your torso area and your obliques, it can be incorporated into your warm ups. To begin the exercise, sit on edge of chair, left foot pressing on the band against the floor. Hold ends of band together, hands side by side, elbows out to sides. Twist torso left, lifting band toward shoulder, Return to center. Do the exercise for a few more reps and perform the same routine on your right.

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resistance bands training singapore2. Seated Front Raise

This modified resistance bands exercise works your front deltoids more intensely compared to the standing front raise.

Sit with the resistance bands beneath your butt or press the band on the floor with your feet; Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Grab the handles attached to the bands and raise your arm until it is parallel to the floor. To increase the intensity of the exercise, you can: 1) increase the distance between your legs.  2) hold the handles in mid-air for a longer time. 3) Move the handles in circles while it is in the air.
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3. Rear Raiser

This exercise works your triceps and hamstrings, giving them a good stretch! First, Sit on chair, feet hip-width apart, band taut across front of hips; grab a handle in each hand, while gripping the sides of chair. Straighten elbows through flexing your triceps, then contract butt and back of thighs as you lift your body. Ensure that your torso is straight from knees to shoulders. Try to remain in this position for as long as you can!
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