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What To Do If You Cannot Do 1 Pull-Up

What To Do If You Cannot Do 1 Pull-Up

You never want to use those pull up machines that take some of the weight off of you. You want to learn to stabilize your body through space with your own muscles, so you need to do it with as little assistance as possible. Here are some tips to help you if you cannot do 1 pull-up YET. 

Jumping – Grab the bar and then jump up with your legs to get your chin over the bar and then try to slowly lower yourself, you’ll feel this in no time

Rubber band – You wrap one of these around the bar and stick your foot in the other end and the flexing action assists you on pulling yourself up. They come in varying strengths, more strength for heavier people, less for lighter people

Try Chin Ups – Chin ups are a lot easier than pull ups, if you can do chin ups but no pull ups just alternate jumping pull ups with chin ups till you can do full pull ups and continue to alternate them

Spotter Pull ups – if you have access to a spotter they can help by grabbing your hips and slightly helping your pull ups by pushing you up

Kipping pull up – You can just swing your bodyweight forward to help you pull yourself up. Make sure once you can do these you switch over to strict pull ups as soon as possible

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